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WMA's “Shoot & Save” clinic was open to boys and girls, entering grades  6 through 12. This clinic focused on improving attacking focused players both technically with finishing skills and tactically with their awareness around the goal. At the same time, goalkeepers were focusing on their own technical saving strategies and tactical awareness within their goal area. 

ATTACKING PLAYERS were put through a challenging curriculum dedicated to the art of creating and scoring goals. This camp was a great opportunity for players to improve their technique, offensive skills in the attacking third, dribbling, combinations, shooting, and scoring from crosses, volleys, and headers. This is not just for forwards or attacking players, it was for any player that wants to improve their attacking ability to become more confident in front of the goal. Putting together attacking players and goalkeepers in the same camp environment enables each player to receive the amount of challenging repetitions needed around the goal in order to become more comfortable and finish chances successfully.

GOALKEEPERS were put through a competitive program designed to equip goalkeepers with the techniques and tactics necessary for the position and to provide opportunities to apply the skills in game situations. Morning sessions’ emphasis will be on learning the proper technique in a controlled environment, while the night sessions’ emphasis will be on tactical decision-making learned through small groups and match-related situations. Topics included proper footwork, shot-stopping, angle play, positioning, managing crosses, dead-ball situations, communication, and decision-making.

All players competed in a fun yet challenging training environment, supported by high-level specialized coaching.

Haverhill High School

July 18th - 21st, 2022 

Half Day Clinic

9am to 12pm 

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